Diana, our amazing administrative assistant, joins us today to give you some great tips for preparing your home for sale.

With most buyers starting their home search online, it is not only important that your home ultimately show well, but it also must photograph well too. This helps you maximize your web appeal and capture as many potential buyers as possible.

We like to tell homeowners to remember these four R’s when improving the look and feel of your real estate: reduce, repair, refresh and replace.

You must first begin detaching from your property by removing yourself mentally and emotionally. You can start with removing personal items, family photos, and putting your family’s valuables away.

Buyers are often distracted by items that remind them of someone else currently living in the property. Rather than feeling like they are shopping for their new home, they may feel like visitors to your home instead.

“Replace anything that you cannot remove, repair, or refresh.”

Also consider removing clutter from all countertops, closets, and cabinets. Excessive kitchen and bathroom items should be stored away so that the countertops are clean and clear. This is the time to reduce what you have and donate to others.  Think of it this way: Once it is complete you will have less to pack and take to your next home. 

It is also very important to remember that we all get used to our own home’s smell, so we must be aware of removing any odors that might come from pets, smoking, strong fragrances, and food smells. Fresh, clean, and neutral is always best. 

Secondly, repair anything that is broken. Start with everything that is listed on the seller’s disclosure and then in the areas where first impressions matter most. Pay attention to your front and rear entrances, ensure lights work, and that locks work properly. 

Next, it is time to refresh. Ensure your landscaping is on point by keeping your lawn cut, shrubs trimmed, weeds pulled, and make sure lawn ornaments and toys are put away. Also pressure clean the walkways and driveway for a more inviting look. You do not want a potential buyer to make a quick judgement of your home based on their poor first impression of your home’s exterior.

Once inside, buyers must be able to see the amazing features of your home, so revive your lighting. Make sure that all fixtures have their maximum wattage. These improvements will help your property photograph its best as well.

Lastly, replace anything that you cannot remove, repair, or refresh. If it is something that is broken and is expected to be in a home (e.g. lighting in your dining room or an appliance in your kitchen), replace it. 

In order to get top dollar for your home, it is important to prepare that much more and ensure when your home comes on the market, it leaves buyers with a fabulous first impression.   

For additional tips on preparing your home for sale or if you just have any questions, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.